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September 2, 2020
NuPort Robotics Wins the 2020 Mitacs Environmental Award and Audience Favourite Award

CEO Raghavender Sahdev and NuPort Robotics is recognized for its innovative technology, business, and contributions towards environmental sustainability. READ MORE

September 3, 2020
Toronto Innovator Receives Award for Game-changing Launch of Canada’s First Self-Driving Truck Company

Our CEO shares how NuPort was launched in the midst of a global pandemic. READ MORE

February 2020
NuPort Robotics Attended the AutoTech Trade Mission and the AutoExpo 2020

NuPort Robotics attended the AutoTech Trade Mission in Pune, Bangalore and presented at the New Delhi AutoExpo 2020 in collaboration with APMA. READ MORE

Aug 13, 2019
NuPort Robotics Co-founders Raghavender and Bao Present at the 2019 NextAI Venture Day

NuPort Robotics exhibits self driving technology at the 2019 Next AI venture day. READ MORE